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Deur voort te gaan aanvaar jy dié Vrywaring

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Projects - (condensed summary): Updated   15 Nov 2008


  Fiddling the Landy  Other Manufactures  22 June 2008
  Zambia - trip at end Nov 2008.   

Decision taken.

3 Nov 2008

Been there - need to go again
 - huge country must stay longer.

17 May 2006
  Return of the "Overhauled TDi" Comment 17 Feb 2005 
  Botswana² / Zambia - 2003/5 - "Our tree" Comments 27 Dec 2005
  Botswana - July 2003 - "Dust"  Comment 20 Mar 2005
  Kruger National Park Comment 27 Dec 2005

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I used the Alument logo - pity the company went the way it did - if anybody claims (and can prove) copyright etc. let me know  (proof required) and I will remove it. Just a pity to let it go to waste in the end. Was a good Co. to work for, way back then... Had some interesting and exciting times at Alument.

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In gewone Afrikaans die is my persoonlike web-tuiste en in my huis kraai ek koning, ek gesels  van Evangelie tot onsin.  Maak daarmee wat jy wil, maar onthou: Jy maak iets hiermee, ek kan jou nie dwing nie, dus is jy hier op eie risiko en ek is nie aanspreeklik nie. As jy nie hiervan hou nie - gaan speel by die bure of alternatiewelik koop 'n boek. Waar ek die bure se adres verskaf geld dieselfde vrywaring - Jy kies om die pad te loop. Kopiereg bestaan op hierdie materiaal.... ens.

[Heel bo] of [terug na waar ookal jy vandaan kom].