Botswana / Zambia - Aug 2003/5

This is the life: -

 No fences, no phones, no TV and best of all just 80m from the most active water hole in the reserve.

We saw more at "our" water hole than in the entire reserve.
Lion, Leopard, Kudu, Warthog, Hyenas, Cape Fox to name but a few.
The elusive Cheetah and Eland were an extra - found on the access road to the reserve.

Added 27 December 2005:
D & D A - thanks for the news letter.

What a great trip we had to Botswana and Zambia (even the White Water Rafting - still telling the tale). December in Kruger - sounds great - hope to see you guys again soon. 27 Dec  2005

Sunrise at the camp site View from the camp site towards the water hole - no fence!
The whole group watching the waterhole from the camp site. Stunning
Met this Lion on a game drive ... superb! Entire camps site - including 4x4 mobile home  (guest house on wheels)
Kudu at the waterhole. Lioness...need I say more

Added 5 Jan 2004:
Friends Boet & Flip had a wonderful time in Mabuasehube during the December 2003 holidays. 

Added 27 Dec 2005:
Watched 50/50 on SABC2 (local South Africa TV channel) - had an interesting piece on Lion being "exported" from the Kalahari Gemsbok Park  (in South Africa) to the Addo Elephant Park (also in SA). This is an attempt to re-introduce lion - the last ones in that area were hunted into extinction approximately 100 years ago. According to the program there are only about 500 lion in the Kgalagadi Trans Frontier Park (of which the greater area lies in Botswana) and they now relocated 6 lion, youngish lion (3-4 years if I got the ages right). This represents 1% of the population - when stated that way it sounds rather drastic - but with a well managed park this will probably present no problem. Recently (April 2004) heard a report that the trans located lion are doing well. For information on South African Parks visit . There was a report on local television that the first generation (who survived) of lion cubs are doing well in the Addo.


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