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Some feedback January 3rd, 2006: - Skippie, thanks for the feedback - well good luck with Glaxo...

Some feedback August 22nd, 2005: - Bouwe Hamersma, thank you for the very informative e-mail, I appreciate the detail and found it quite interesting especially the contact details & names, will most definitely contact them when the time comes. Enjoy the drive - good vehicle - wonderful to drive, lots of places to see, roads to travel.....  (RunX - way to nippy, have to watch it when getting back in the Disco). 

Some feedback August 29th, 2005: - Just received two (2) e-mail messages from - Mlungisi C Mokoena, CVs' attached. I appreciate the application however, at present there is/are no position(s) available. 

Some feedback June 29th, 2004: - Just received two (2) e-mail messages from - Chuma N (CN) & Mirroph M (MM), CVs' attached to both, shot in the dark - I was wondering, did they actually read anything on this web site? Both of these blokes lost the chance to reach their target - one in finance, one in research - both fields requiring skills in accuracy & observation. I thought it is reasonably clear that this site is not GlaxoSmithKline

MM - I suggest you get a job and then further your studies, judging by the CV you are a perpetual student (don't get me wrong - good grades - academic history according to the CV). 

CN - Nice try - however this is not GlaxoSmithKline and thus your CV missed the target - I suggest you actually read the info on GlaxoSmithKline available on this site, then write them a real letter - or phone them to get the correct e-mail address. 

Thanks for the feedback received January 8th, 2004. - Just as real... . Some people run / paraglide or simply maintain a personal website when they relax. Thanks for the mail - Reinhard. Sending mail, a moment of change - almost as good as a break.

Thanks for the feedback received November 27th, 2003. - Glad you enjoyed the site - stay with the dream - D90 took 15 years, now the wheels keep on rolling. Thanks for the mail - Sandy