Dust - July 2003

Been there - got the snorkel. 2 Feb 2007

Despite the fact that all the matters raised below regarding the raised air intake: 14 Jan  2005  



Whilst visiting friend I saw a "home made" installation utilizing uPVC pipe and some common bits and pieces from the local DIY & automotive spares shop.

Budget probably less then $30. May not look like much but sure does the clean air intake job and saves a zillion bucks.











20 Mar 2005 Surfing the web I have read and chatting to people there is a general misconception regarding the need for a snorkel. 

The only real reason would be if deep wading was required, this however requires the sealing of various parts - electronics, breathers even the air cleaner drain (often forgotten) etc.

All the stories about increased air pressure, lower temperatures, ram air intake are just a lot of hot high pressure wind, the increase in height vs temperature rise is negligible, the decreases in air pressure - same story, ram air intake - of academic value.

The lower temperature we as users feel is related to radiated heat and not the ambient temperature. 

The increase in the air flow resistance by doubling the pipe length and the additional bends however is significant. 

The bottom line - for most of us dust may be reason enough, the rest is all about looks. [ Air cleaner vs. Snorkel - cost vs. benefit -- go with the additional air cleaners as the majority of time we drive on black top and dust is non-existent. Locally I could buy approximately 80 extra air cleaners and that equates to a whole lot of dust. ]

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