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Roof rack alterations: Planned.
A Add aluminum/wood (probably wood - non permanent fixture) floor to roof carrier - mainly to keep the sun of the roof (can also serve as a: 1) Tent base - 2) Deck to sit on ... etc.)
B Gas cylinder carrier (2nd one). 
C Axe carriers.
D Branch deflectors. (Needs to connect to the roof carrier - which does not fit into my garage [major project some time to heighten - planning a proper new garage for some time in 2006] 27 Dec 2005- to do the fitting installation).
Engine Compartment: Planned.
A Up to date
Interior: Planned.
A Fire extinguisher carriers :- in cab / exterior 3 March 2005
Body / Chassis: Planned. [Back]
A Fender guards - sides (front). These are closer then you think - payment for services rendered to the factory that actually manufactures the stuff.  5 Feb 2007
B Side (rock sliders to be added when installing the LR tanks), sump, diff etc guards as well. 
C Add rear fender guards. 
D Bonnet guard.
E Add proper recovery points to front and rear.
F Windscreen wiper - saw a home made extra heavy duty installation - bright idea.
G Add side view lights 27 Dec 2005

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