Curse of the dreaded Merger 22 June 2008

Started a count as to the number of e-mails incorrectly addressed:
From January 5th, 2004 till March 30th, 2007 : 54 194 e-mails.
* Takes you off this site

 3600 e-mail per month - most just deleted.

Way back when the world was safer 
- Glaxo Wellcome and Smith Kline Beecham -
decided to merge and become a Pharmaceutical giant.

Some "Bright Planet" (cannot be called a star) orbiting the IT sun at GlaxoSmithKline * set in motion - without, I think, considering the implications - the move of the then newly formed GlaxoSmithKline * (South Africa) to the "" domain. This was not practically feasible. (I have not changed my name since 1965.)

 The domain was and still is taken.

Considering this a given the "Bright Planet" probably informed the users, before checking, that their e-mail  addresses would change. Therefore if you would like to attempt to reach a member in GlaxoSmithKline * (South Africa). Simply replace "" with ".com" which usually resolves the problem alternately just phone. Their new home in South Africa (NOMB to confirm the accuracy of the "card" below):


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