Kruger National Park

27 Dec  2005  A recent article in the magazine "Weg",  Jan 2006 (the edition including the newcomer to the family - WegSleep),  regarding the camp sites in the park was informative and we will defiantly schedule a quick trip for early 2006 - just to verify the accuracy... (and while doing so have a ball of a time).

20 Mar  2005 With the previous visit we did the southern half of the park, if possible the next trip will be the northern half of the park. A recent article in the magazine "Weg" has added some fuel to the desire to visit this part.  Personal comment with regards to Getaway an Wegbreek: Pity Getaway was so petty to go after Wegbreek - there was space for both magazines, but by wasting my money as a subscriber (now ex-subscriber) to Getaway and the "new" focus on the more affordable market proves beyond a reasonable doubt, to me that is, that their interest is purely money, we the readers have bee asking for the change, Wegbreek filled the gap - now Getaway is re directing its focus to squeeze Wegbreek (now called "Weg").

Main Section  A whirlwind tour of the Kruger Park, February 28th, 2004 - returning March 4th, 2004. Had a wonderful trip - mind returned to the office on the 4th, so we decided to return a day early, some pictures below.

We visited the following rest camps: [There is a simplified map below Credit Map to SA National Parks (from their web site)]

Berg en Dal (Mountain and Valley)


Crocodile Bridge 


Lower Sabie




Olifants (Elephants)


The only camp with a "problem" is Lower Sabie - bring your own cooking utensils pots, pans and stove.

Saving the Northern part for later - bit on the warm side at the moment, still on the "must see" agenda. The digital will accompany us and if any worthy pictures result,  they may appear here in the near future.

For more information on the South African Parks (Nature Reserves - The larger ones):

For specific information on the Kruger National Park:

Here are some pictures from the trip:


Crocodile River (Low water bridge at the Croc River Bridge Gate) These 2 buffalo have been "camping" in this puddle for -days.
You never seem to realize how tall these guys are in pictures - getting up close - wow. Young Hyena (rest of family sleeping under bush) - right next to the road. Very energetic and inquisitive this one.
When the Elephants want to cross the road - you let them! View across  the Elephants River from the rest camp - wonderful.
Masters of the hunt - they make superb use of the shallows of the low water crossings to spot their prey. Now are these white Zebra with Black stripes - or - Black Zebra with White stripes? enjoy the picture....

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